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At the London Psychologist Centre, Lauretta Wilson our Registered London Psychologist can help you with Psychologist London. My formal training in psychology includes a Masters in Psychology which I achieved in 1994. I then completed 2 years of supervised work with a registered clinical psychologist whom I worked closely with and whereby my work was scrutinised and marked. The completion of this lead me to attain full psychological registration in 1996.

I then began full time work as a psychologist in a mental health team in Sydney Australia. This position allowed me to effectively work with adults suffering serious mental health issues both in the community and in psychiatric hospitals. It gave me invaluable experience which I still refer to now some 15 years later. 4 years later I moved to the UK where I worked within the NHS for 10 years with adults and children. I gained registration as a psychologist in the UK and I was employed within a variety of settings such as mental health, child abuse counselling, learning difficulties, family work involving couples and parenting skills and infertility.

During this time I trained in solution focused therapies, CBT, NLP and clinical hypnotherapy. In 2000 I began operating my private practice from london and in 2007 I began working exclusively with private patients which I continue to date. In addition, I work as a consultant psychologist for various charities and I undertake psychiatric assessments and write court reports for organisation within the UK.

Lauretta also runs London Hypnotherapy Centre or if you would like to get in touch with Lauretta about Psychologist London please use the contact form below.

Why choose the London Psychologist Centre?

Fully trained & registered psychologist with the HCPC
Every session is tailored for you (We use a combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy, CBT & Solution focused therapy to get the best results)
Every Session is solution focused (For simple issues like phobia’s you will only need one visit, however for more complex issues like depression you may need up to six sessions)

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